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Corey Fogel + Ted Reichman + Eyvind Kang: Improvised Music amongst Dysfunctional Furniture on a Dysfunctional Holiday.

Human Resources LA 410 Cottage Home, Los Angeles, CA

Best known for his long association with John Hollenbeck’s Claudia Quintet and many other New York creative music ensembles, as well as his work as film composer and educator, Ted Reichman has recently developed a new language for amplified accordion based on the work of his teachers Anthony Braxton and Alvin Lucier as well as […]

Online Sexual Harassment Prevention Training: A Public Performance of Compliance

Human Resources LA 410 Cottage Home, Los Angeles, CA

  ZOOM LINK (TW: this will be glitchy, at times boring, strange!): Join Jennifer Doyle, a professor of English at the University of California, Riverside and author of Campus Sex, Campus Security, as she takes the UC Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for Supervisors and Faculty. State employees are required by law […]


Opening Friday, January 31: 7–9pm Closing event Sunday, Feb 16: 4-6pm Music by Adam Samuel Goldman, toasts, conversation about living with dysfunction.   Gallery Hours: Thursday-Sunday noon-6pm and by appointment note: the Firecracker 5K/10K  goes right down Broadway on 2/16, but should have finished before noon.   Human Resources is pleased to present Dysfunctional Furniture, an exhibition […]

Rite Nite

Human Resources LA 410 Cottage Home, Los Angeles, CA

Rite Nite brings together three LA-based artists using solo voices to re-describe ritual. Alphabet Of Wrongdoing Odeya Nini Francine Thirteen Alphabet of Wrongdoing is the newest musical project from Snowblink’s Daniela Gesundheit, exploring ceremonial Jewish prayer songs and blessings that encircle themes of reckoning, forgiveness, mortality, striving, and atonement, reimagined for secular audiences and secular […]


EDGE: A Session on Pornography

Human Resources LA 410 Cottage Home, Los Angeles, CA

Event, 2:30-4:30, conversation from 3-4pm Sublevel Magazine invites you to join in Session— a Live Cam conversation with Johanna Fateman, Lorelei Lee, and Tiana Reid. Their respective work lies at the intersections of sex-feminism, labor and pleasure, the legal dimensions of pornography and prostitution, politics of representation, archival research, and queer potentialities. This conversation will […]



Human Resources LA 410 Cottage Home, Los Angeles, CA



SHEENED is a new musical piece by Cody Putman for cellos, contrabasses, lap-steel guitar and whirly tubes. Dustin Wong and Takako Minekawa present a beautiful and colorful menagerie of kaleidoscopic-pop, spells, and patterns. Gemma Godfrey presents new songs and hexes for vocal loops, electric guitar drones, and feedback. Visuals by Peter Nichols $10 suggested donation […]

Xina Xurner / M Lamar / Johanna Hedva / Pauline Lay + Gabie Strong

Human Resources LA 410 Cottage Home, Los Angeles, CA

Xina Xurner M Lamar Johanna Hedva Pauline Lay + Gabie Strong doors at 8, sound at 9 $7 suggested donation, no-one turned away for lack of funds. advance tickets available here Xina Xurner​ is an experimental music/performance collaboration between Marvin Astorga And Young Joon Kwak, whose cathartic performances combine DIY and power electronics, mutated vocals, […]



Saturday, January 4th 8pm 2020Sunday, January 5th 2pm 2020 A dance theater performance art piece journeys through trauma and the path to healing. It questions how we build tools to help ourselves. How does energy transmute? How do we handle life when it feels too much? Is meditation the next step to self-discovery? This piece […]

ptxs launch/listening event

- private event to launch limited edition zine by ptxs: jovan, gabriela ruiz, vine a incendiar este lugar, dorian wood - sound composition by ptxs - separate sex positive space 21+ only rsvp only

Public Access Inclusive

Opening reception: December 26, 2019, 7-10pm with a performance by Quamon at 9pm Exhibition dates: December 27 & 28, 12-5pm Public Access Inclusive is an on-going project between L.A. based artists Hyesung ii and Angel Ballesteros. The project was started with an idea of inclusion and to go against the exclusive culture of art and […]

Wild Up | darkness sounding | solstice sounding | dusk til dawn

Description We play drones in the dark from sundown to sun-up, during longest night of the year. The cast of performer-composers includes: trombonist Matt Barbier, cellists Derek Stein and Tal Katz, poet Mandy Kahn, guitarist Chris Kallmyer, violinist Andrew Tholl, guitarist Jiji, vocalists Catherine Brookman and Kathryn Shuman, guitarist Seth Olinsky, saxophonist Marta Tiesenga, Lucky Dragons and oscillatorist Lewis Pesacov. NOTE on blankets and sleeping bags: please bring blankets, sleeping bags, coats, […]


JIJI | YOU (流) | flow | music for electric guitar

Human Resources LA 410 Cottage Home, Los Angeles, CA

JIJI tells two stories: One, spinning Gulli Bjornsson’s story of capsizing and falling into the ocean, being tossed around in the waves as night approaches, and waves of sound consume the listener. Bjornsson’s dimmar oldur risa is inspired by an ancient Icelandic poem by Jónas Hallgrímsson. And secondly, her own piece Kintsukuo, after the Japanese […]


Skylar Haskard: RECESS 2019

For this exhibit, Skylar Haskard has created numerous works under the working title, RECESS 2019. Subjects ranging from furniture to food are playfully addressed exploring the relationship between the body and the ‘everythingness’ of our material world. Sweatsuits temporarily hardened by school glue are seen alongside objects and materials that display little or no manipulation […]

Ecology of the Edge: Closing reception with Paige Emery, Olive Kimoto and Kendra Adler

Closing reception for Ecology of the Edge at Human Resources. Music performances by Paige Emery Olive Kimoto  and movement performance by Kendra Adler with Jenna Lo-Slavio and Josie J (divinebrick) Intimate Ecology zines to take home by Mukta Mohan and Dylan Tupper Rupert ______________________________________________ Paige Emery "The Body Outside of itself" looks at the body […]

Secret Ceremony

Secret Ceremony / Queerness and Spirituality at the dawn of the new decade. Curated by Telémachos Alexiou An evening of ritual and performance with: Christopher Argodale Camila Maria Concepción Emi Fontana Kathryn Garcia Carlos Medina-Diaz Eva Mitala Tyler Matthew Oyer Deborah Smaragdi Isous Mohammad Tayyeb Ares Zolo & Telémachos Alexiou + Technoshamanic afterparty Doors at […]

Tasting Menu Lab

free   Tasting Menu is a Los Angeles-based collaboration between Tim Feeney, Cassia Streb, and Cody Putman, exploring instrumental and found sound, movement, tape recorders, door frames, window panes, rainstorms, pine cones, concrete floors, and children’s cartoons. They will be performing a set of site specific improvisations, deconstructed folk tunes, and music for water, marbles, […]

A Loose Million: reading, screening, and a hypnosis

Caitlin Berrigan’s Imaginary Explosions draws upon geology, embodied knowledges, and technoscience to investigate how deep time and interspecies communication might assist us in radical planetary transformation. The long-term project is composed of episodic videos, sculpture, and an artist book, calling into collaboration artists and scholars whose real-life work pushes the limits of science and culture. […]

Living in the Age of Uncertainty and the Pending Climate Crisis

Please join us in conversation with Catherine Malabou, Kenric McDowell, Jaden Adams, Christine Meinders and Matthew Donovan to discuss new forms of life that enable the acceleration of climate change, how the political landscape is mediated by the climate crisis, and foundational anthropocentric assumptions in technology paradigms and recent attempts to expand design thinking to […]

Ecology of the Edge

Opening reception: November 29th, 7-10pm with performances by Nina Sarnelle and Kim Ye Exhibition dates: November 29th—December 8th  Gallery hours: Wed-Sun, 12-5pm As anthropogenic climate changes accelerate, the boundaries between humans and non-humans are constantly being redefined. In what ways can we shift our perspectives towards symbiotic relationships between our bodies and the land we inhabit? […]

future ghosts

Opening reception: Saturday, November 23rd 7pm / Performances at 8pm Gallery hours: Sunday, November 24th 12-5pm future ghosts features future work by future ghosts, post-Haunts and pre-probed. The artists present new work that project a vacuum-sealed, retired, self-destructive, bioengineered future waiting to be probed, figuratively. participating artists: Alicia Piller Antoine Midant Beck+Col courtney coles Daniel […]

Yann Novak, Byron Westbrook, Robert Crouch, Ian Wellman

Human Resources LA 410 Cottage Home, Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles artists Yann Novak, Robert Crouch and Ian Wellman return home from their west coast tour and are joined by Byron Westbrook. Yann Novak will present his new work Slowly Dismantling which reflecting on his formative experiences as a queer youth in middle America and explores these acoustic and social spaces as zones of […]

$5 – $15


Exhibition dates: November 14—November 19, 2019   12-5pm Opening reception: November 14  7-10pm with music performance by Amazondotcom from Los Angeles and Siete Catorce from Mexicali at 8pm Restaurant is a joint project between Los Angeles based multidisciplinary artists Stella Ahn and Hyesung ii. This project will re-imagine the space with cultural and personal objects. The system of things […]

The Revolting Lumpen! a classical opera reboot

Beck+Col Saturday November 9 Doors at 830, Performance at 9PM The lumpen world embodies the cannibalistic nature of the global economic and social structure. Colorful, velvet lumps comprise everything in the installation, amassed from the physical exploitation of the lumpen monsters. A game of musical chairs serves as a model of the zero-sum system of […]

Gong Gaada • Glochids • lucky dragons

UPEND presents Gong Gaada Glochids lucky dragons donate eight doors at nine at Human Resources 410 Cottage Home Street 90012 GONG GAADA Inspired by gamelan traditions as much as the contemporary experimental scenes of Indonesia, Gong Gaada is a Los Angeles-based trio exploring a hyrbrid form of their own devise. Utilizing a couple reyong – […]

Muscle House Cookbook (Part 2)

muscle beach 1800 Ocean Front Walk, Venice, CA

Two evenings of artist scores in the form of recipes, performed at Muscle Beach, Venice CA. Muscle House Cookbook is part of programming for CURRENT: LA FOOD. (please note that these are offsite events, not at HRLA). 10/19 + 11/2 6-8pm   Recipes by: Alexandre Dorriz Brittany Ko David Horvitz Dicky Bahto Dorian Wood Either […]


410 Cottage Home

Wednesday, October 30th  8pm  Thursday, October 31st   8pm  Installation by Jeff Zilla + performances by Myriad Slits & Twin Schism Jeff Zilla is music and performance art curator deeply invested in the queer and experimental scene of Los Angeles. Content creator across multiple platforms with expertise in podcasts, djing and viral video creation. Known […]

Protesting Seoul: Resistance in Precarious Times

  Space is limited, RSVP recommended  Seoul is a city of protest. On any given day, one might see striking workers, displaced residents, evicted shopkeepers, bereaved parents, feminist, queer and trans activists, religious leaders, politicians, NGO activists and many others protesting defiantly on the streets. For those living in Korea and in the diaspora who […]

Nikhil Chopra: Rouge

Rouge is an hour long performance action by Nikhil Chopra. Nikhil will be drawing a large scale landscape on the wall with lipstick. Nikhil incorporates everyday materials, and for instance, lipstick— a cosmetic often associated with make up, femininity, sensuality and sexuality will be used to transform the body and the space around it. Nikhil’s […]

somesurprises / Jessika Kenney / Jesse Quebbeman Turley

Human Resources LA 410 Cottage Home, Los Angeles, CA

somesurprises (Seattle) / Jessika Kenney / Jesse Quebbeman Turley Doors 8pm, Music 9pm $10-15 suggested donation Advance tickets available here: somesurprises is the moniker of Seattle singer/songwriter Natasha El-Sergany. What once was a solo project focusing on spectral balladry and late night exploration, somesurprises has since formed into a dynamic four-piece live band. Motorik […]

$10 – $15

Muscle House Cookbook (Part 1)

muscle beach 1800 Ocean Front Walk, Venice, CA

Two evenings of artist scores in the form of recipes, performed at Muscle Beach, Venice CA. Muscle House Cookbook is part of programming for CURRENT: LA FOOD.  (please note that these are offsite events, not at HRLA). 10/19 + 11/2 6-8pm   Recipes by: Alexandre Dorriz Brittany Ko David Horvitz Dicky Bahto Dorian Wood Either […]


Why You So Negative?

Opening Reception: Friday, October 18th  8pm Exhibition Dates: Friday, October 18—Sunday, October 27th Gallery Hours: Wed-Sun,  12-5pm Performance by Nikhil Chopra: Sunday, October 20th  7pm   Why You So Negative? responds to institutional rebranding and removal of work by artist, Chiraag Bhakta. The solo exhibition features the original work—an installation which examines the commodification of […]

Alexandre Dorriz – Consciousness is Code in the Occidental Vacuum

Human Resources LA 410 Cottage Home, Los Angeles, CA

Opening Friday October 11th 7-10pm On view Saturday 10/12 and Sunday 10/13 12—6pm   Consciousness is Code in the Occidental Vacuum is part of an ongoing investigation of fiber and its relations to time, memory, and optics through museology and dramaturgy practices. Dorriz works with the historical discovery of synthetic and semi-synthetic fibers, and their […]

Bitch Slap

Sunday, October 6th  7pm $10 suggested donation Bitch Slap! is an evening of performance and video art at Human Resources LA, by female identified and non-binary artists who confront contrived notions of femininity. In a time where didactic art seems like the only pathway to social justice, these powerful works incorporate humor to playfully explore […]

HRLA Symposium I: Think Local

Human Resources LA 410 Cottage Home, Los Angeles, CA

Join us for a day-long symposium featuring emerging critical voices in our community. This event features responses to work encountered at HRLA, in spaces like HRLA or in museums in the region. We hope to give attendees a sense of the impact of local performances, exhibitions and events on discourse about contemporary art; our aim […]



Human Resources LA 410 Cottage Home, Los Angeles, CA

Sadly, in a show about quietness, it’s my first instinct to write about getting noisy.  If I latch onto a metaphor for political action, a reader could imagine the swarming power of the colony because, yes, each hive is made up of little bees and so, the modest can become intrusive, and sure, maybe the […]

Secret Joy

September 27th & 28th, 8:30 pm Written and directed by Brian Getnick, performed by Dani O'Terry and Gregory Barnett   Secret Joy is a play about beheading the past to make it speak. Sculptural costumes and weaponry are taken up by the performers to transform an ancient power struggle between the crowd and leader into a […]

Angel Alvarado: Geovani’s Room

Exhibition dates: Wed Sept 18 - Fri Sept 20,  12PM-8PM Opening reception: Wed Sept 18,  6-9PM Closing reception: Friday Sept 20, 6-9PM, performance at 8PM. Organized in collaboration with curator and researcher Javier Arellano Vences from the Vincent Price Art Museum, Human Resources Los Angeles is pleased to present ​Angel Alvarado: Geovani’s Room​, the artist’s first […]

Josefina — An Installation by Fabián Guerrero

Human Resources LA 410 Cottage Home, Los Angeles, CA

Opening August 29, 6-10pm Screening at 8pm followed by music and drinks Organized by Fabián Guerrero and Clara López Menéndez Josefina is for and about my grandma, Josefina. I wanted to document, in short clips, not only my grandma but also my family: the sounds, movements and the house that I was raised in as […]

Matt Weston (Albany) w/ Shook/Byrnes, yek koo, Casa Berenice

Human Resources LA 410 Cottage Home, Los Angeles, CA

Doors at 8, Music begins at 8:30 All Ages $10 (advance tickets available here) Human Resources is pleased to welcome MATT WESTON (percussion/electronics) from Albany, NY. Matt will be joined by WILSON SHOOK (saxophones) and TED BYRNES (percussion) for a combined set of solo, duo, and trio improvisation. YEK KOO (Helga Fassonaki) and CASA BERENICE […]


Marcia Bassett + Samara Lubelski / Kaori Suzuki + John Krausbauer / Rogue Squares

Doors 8 / Music 9 Advance tickets available here MARCIA BASSETT (guitar) and SAMARA LUBELSKI (violin) first performed as a duo in 2009, improvising musical scores to films by Michael Snow and Hollis Frampton at X-Initiative, Next Years Model series at DIA. Since their initial collaboration, Bassett and Lubelski have continued to draw from their […]

$8 – $15

Abe Hollow•Rose Droll•Sam Gurry’s “Winners Bitch”•Borey+Essyre

Human Resources LA 410 Cottage Home, Los Angeles, CA

$10 // bring your friends // Doors at 8pm, Sets at 8:30 Abe Hollow (Oakland)// Abe Hollow is the new songwriting project of Oakland-based composer and producer Adam Hirsch. His songs are a sublimation of his skills as a multi-instrumentalist and recording engineer, his experimental tendencies toward collaboration and improvisation, and his continual obsession with […]


Jurassic Park: The Musical

Human Resources LA 410 Cottage Home, Los Angeles, CA

A Performance by Paul Pescador August 9, 10 and 11, 8 pm Jurassic Park: The Musical is a three-act performance art event, which centers around Pescador’s third grade elementary school experience and his desire to transform the Michael Crichton’s novel Jurassic Park into a stage play. The overall performance becomes about naive ambitions, the scientists […]


Human Resources LA 410 Cottage Home, Los Angeles, CA

TRANZA Show. Música. Interpretaciones Featuring:  The Sand Ninja Byron Angela Pereira Africa Avila Gina DVina plus other special guests. $5 - $20 Suggested Donation. #Tranza is a queer performance night in Los Ángeles showcasing LA-based and LA-grown art, music, and performances. Created and curated by the Byron Collective, Tranza creates a space to share and […]

Shawn Greenlee • Vasculae • Nial Morgan

Human Resources LA 410 Cottage Home, Los Angeles, CA

UPEND presents wednesday night noise doors at eight sound nine – donate seven SHAWN GREENLEE (Providence, RI) A perennial figure of Providence's stridently independent underground, Shawn Greenlee is known as a pusher of thresholds as a core member of the noise-rock unit Landed, and had been long identified with his project Pleasurehorse. Having shed that […]



Show 6pm-late Requested Donations: $6-$66 (all donations go towards the tour! This is a fundraiser show) performances by: The Uhuruverse  Dem Cauldronz Jupiter Black Mimi Tempestt  Love & Tolliver You Guys Suck Like Real Hard Shut The Fuck Up Thanks! (YGSLRHSTFUT!) DJ sets by:  Grotessk Shane Clay Open Mic (6-7:30PM) #SnatchPower Zines for sale!  BYOW […]


“Ages ago, about exactly one week after having Nexplanon removed from the inner side of my left arm, under the skin, I felt how my shoulders widened. Nexplanon is a birth control implant that releases progestin. It contains 68 mg of the active substance etonogestrel. Synthetic progestin mimics the actions of progesterone, a naturally occurring […]

$10 – $30

Donna Oblongata: All 100 Fires

Human Resources LA 410 Cottage Home, Los Angeles, CA

Somewhere in a forest nearby, a lone guerrilla commander will ask you to prove yourself during a game of Pass the Sponge. If you fail at that, maybe you can help grind the sulfur. Meanwhile, the Giant Ibis was thought to be extinct in Cambodia, though footage from a few years ago reveals that some […]

$10 – $15

HOGG • Nghtcrwlr • Pistola • Newboy

L&S and Night Gaunt present HOGG (Chicago) Nghtcrwlr Pistola (Anthony Vannicola and Michael Demaio, LA Debut) Newboy ( Record Release) + Night Gaunt DJs 8 PM | All Ages $10 advance tickets here $15 day of show ***Physical copies of Newboy's “Funky Bullshit” Vinyl LP on Night Gaunt will be available for […]


Los Angeles based dancer, choreographer, and photographer, Jobel Medina will premiere two new solos for the first time in two years at Human Resources. Highly physical and thought-provoking, Jobel’s new solos undertake problematic subjects with humor and sensuality. By merging both experimental practices and over-the-top drama inside his process, he’s become less burdened by the […]


The Never Quartet: An Installation by Michael Morley

Music for The Never Quartet an installation for a quartet of four bowed acoustic guitars by Michael Morley   Sunday July 14th Afternoon, Dusk, Night 4:30pm - 6:30pm - 8:30pm free and open to the public   with special performances by Electric Sound Bath & CGRSM Black Editions and Human Resources Los Angeles present the […]

Everyone I Love Bites Back: Poetry and Prose Reading

Join us for a poetry and prose reading, called “Everyone I Love Bites Back,” hosted and curated by Christopher Soto, award-winning poet and editor of Nepantla: An Anthology Dedicated to Queer Poets of Color. Celebrate the start to summer, and Christopher’s return to Los Angeles, with this gathering of writers, activists, academics, and weirdos. Speakers […]

Borasisi Record Release Show

Patrick Shiroishi  Vinny Golia Dylan Fujioka  Alex Cline  LA Fog Doors 8:30pm $7 *no one will be turned away for lack of funds


Human Resources LA 410 Cottage Home, Los Angeles, CA

RIDDIMS a solo exhibition of Adee Roberson, organized by independent curator Essence Harden. Opening Reception Wednesday July 3rd 6—9pm Gallery open Thursday—Sunday 12—6pm RIDDIMS Block Party Sunday July 7th 1—6pm BBQ, snacks, and drinks all day. Throw what you want on the grill! Adee Roberson and Essence Harden in conversation 2—3pm Performance by Thurmon Green […]

Look Who’s Talking Now

Opening: Sunday, June 23rd  6-10pm Gallery Hours: Monday, June 24 - Saturday, June 29   12-6pm Performances by Malinche and Figgy DJ Set by Paxico Records The more intricately connected that people are to one another, the more their ideas and projects appear to follow similar patterns. Look Who’s Talking Now focuses on painting as its […]

Brian Getnick: Poem for the community

Poem for the community sculptures and works on paper by Brian Getnick   Exhibition dates: Wednesday, June 19—Friday, June 21 Gallery hours: 5pm-9pm or by appointment (call 773.351.1888)   In the fall of 2018, artist Brian Getnick presented Punishment's Place—an ensemble performance wherein the shattered pieces of a monument to Prometheus Bound were assembled to the beat of a […]

W00DY / Stevie Richards / Sleep Clinic / In-House Pharmacy

Human Resources LA 410 Cottage Home, Los Angeles, CA

Sonoptik & Human Resources present euphonic journey W00DY Stevie Richards (aka Cleaning Lady) Sleep Clinic In-House Pharmacy FREE FREE FREE There will also be an installation in place by Stalgia Grigg for all to enjoy. -------------- W00DY W00dy from Pittsburgh is attempting to bring absurdity to the dance floor with fast bpm’s, high energy […]


Stalgia Grigg: is a weapon and we

Human Resources LA 410 Cottage Home, Los Angeles, CA

opening reception: fri june fourteen : seven to ten on view sat june fifteen—tues june eighteen : noon to six The ideological ground that Logic and Rationality stand on is slipping away. Liberalism has rallied to defend the sacred ground of "truth," while slowly realizing it may have been a constructed fiction all along. At […]

Magma Chamber: A Night of Volcanic Rhythm

Magma Chamber: A Night of Volcanic Rhythm |APAHM Phase: Zah, Nihar, Kohinoorgasm, Raver Baba Zah Nihar Kohinoorgasm Raver Baba Doors at 8p // Show at 9p Sliding Scale $0-$15 Drinks $2 // Free Water All Ages Wheelchair Accessible Except for the Upstairs Bathroom _______________________________________________________________ #APAHM PHASE, an #AAPI alternative arts series, […]

Crom, Persekutor, Beyond Pain, Forest Lawn

Human Resources LA 410 Cottage Home, Los Angeles, CA

Church of the 8th Day Presents: Saturday June 8th 2019 at Human Resources CROM PERSEKUTOR BEYOND PAIN FOREST LAWN 8pm / $10 / 21+ / FREE BEER



ZOOM LENS PRESENTS ᴿᴱᵀᵁᴿᴺ a reclamation of the fragmented past Ceramiks (w/ String Ensemble) oh my muu “trying my best” Video: Reinabe “In The Object” Video: Plaster Cast Sonoda + Special Guest DJ PINK FERRARI (London/Manila) VJ by Moogil Follow the Official […]

Office Hrz

Stop by Office Hrz at HR to see the filming of new work by Saturn (formerly Saturn Risin9), the culmination of a week-long residency at HR. gallery hours: 12pm-10pm donations: $5 at the door or venmo

$5 – $30

Queer Intimacy and States of Emotion / Cross-Continental Friendships

SELF#2 by Telémachos Alexiou Group Show Fundraiser/Art Sale curated by Telémachos Alexiou Join us for a one-day fundraising exhibition combining works by established and emerging queer artists from Berlin and Los Angeles. Exhibiting artists include: Ron Athey, Lucas Bihler, Cassils, Alex Chaves, Zackary Drucker, Spilios Gianakopoulos, Monilola Ilupeju, Young Joon Kwak, Eva Mitala, Tyler Matthew Oyer, […]


Exhibition Dates: May 17th - May 19th, 2019 Gallery Hours: Friday – Sunday 12:00 – 6:00 PM or by appointment Human Resources LA presents Walking in the Sun an exhibition that centers the experiences of Filipinx American artists and their shared experiences navigating the complexities of colorism in the Asian American Pacific islander (AAPI) communities. […]

Phil Minton & Audrey Chen • Swinging Chandeliers • Corey Fogel

Human Resources LA 410 Cottage Home, Los Angeles, CA

UPEND  presents PHIL MINTON & AUDREY CHEN (London/Berlin) SWINGING CHANDELIERS COREY FOGEL doors 8pm sound 9pm donate $10 PHIL MINTON /  AUDREY CHEN DUO ✶ Los Angeles debut ✶ Phil Minton (b. 1940, Torquay, England) is a improvisor whose contorted vocal emissions have pushed beyond the boundaries of genre. The past four decades have heard […]


Theo Triantafyllidis: Anti-Gone

Human Resources LA 410 Cottage Home, Los Angeles, CA

Anti-Gone A Performance in Mixed-Reality by Theo Triantafyllidis May 11th & 12th, 7pm Duration: 3 acts, 60mins, no intermission In a post-climate change world, environmental catastrophe has become normalized. Cities are sunken, yet the vestiges of late-capitalist culture – consumerism, inequality, social unrest – live on, clinging like barnacles to the ruins of civilization. Spyda […]


Laida Lertxundi: Words, Planets

Human Resources LA 410 Cottage Home, Los Angeles, CA

This film applies the six principles for composition delineated in ‘Opinions on Painting by the Monk of the Green Pumpkin’, written by the eighteenth-century Chinese painter Shih-T’ao as referenced in Raúl Ruíz’s essay ‘For a Shamanic Cinema’ (for example, ‘draw attention to a scene emerging from a static background’ or ‘add scattered dynamism to immobility’). […]

William Basinski + Lawrence English: Selva Oscura

Human Resources LA 410 Cottage Home, Los Angeles, CA

UPEND presents William Basinski + Lawrence English: Selva Oscura Wednesday May 8th at 9pm Please note: this is a special seated performance with limited capacity. Advance tickets are recommended. ticket link facebook event page From their respective bases in Los Angeles and Brisbane, William Basinski and Lawrence English – two crucial figures of […]


Jennie MaryTai Liu with Alana Reibstein: Nemeton

Human Resources LA 410 Cottage Home, Los Angeles, CA

Nemeton is a durational choreography which makes a thicket of words, positions, and breath. Nine bodies listen and voice words spoken by nine other bodies— artists no longer living— experiencing what language can make present, and what it shrouds. performed by Stacy Dawson Stearns, Jessica Emmanuel, Cristina Fernandez, Maria Maea, Coral Lobera, Jasmine Orpilla, Alana […]

$5 – $10

Greg Kelley/Jessika Kenney • Rob Noyes • Wilson Shook

Human Resources LA 410 Cottage Home, Los Angeles, CA

UPEND presents GREG KELLEY / JESSIKA KENNEY DUO ROB NOYES WILSON SHOOK donate 8 doors at 8 sound at 9 Facebook Event Page GREG KELLEY / JESSIKA KENNEY First time meeting of a surely astounding duo of two key figures in sound: Trumpet player Greg Kelley – on tour from Seattle – and Jessika […]


Echo Park Film Center

On view daily from 2-7 pm Closing potluck party: Thursday, April 25, 7-10 pm, with performances at 8:30 Echo Park Film Center takes over HRLA's galleries for three days and nights—with media installations, performances, and programs of films and videos made by the Film Center's Co-op, as well as artists who have participated in their […]


Guionnet & Khouri • Chen & Sadja • Guionnet & Kennedy & Hutson

Human Resources LA 410 Cottage Home, Los Angeles, CA

The Unwrinkled Ear Presents Jean-Luc Guionnet and Lotus Edde Khouri - saxophone and dance AFTERBURNER: Audrey Chen and Doron Sadja - voice, electronics and light Jean-Luc Guionnet and William Hutson and Jeremy Kennedy - saxophone and electronics and drums Doors 8:30/ Music 9 Jean-Luc Guionnet returns to Los Angeles after two years, bringing with him […]


Leather Bath (Greh Holger/John Wiese) • Noise Nomads • Joseph Hammer • Sarah Brady

Human Resources LA 410 Cottage Home, Los Angeles, CA

UPEND presents LEATHER BATH (Greh Holger/John Wiese) Noise Nomads Joseph Hammer Sarah Brady donate 8 doors at 9 sound at 10 Facebook Event Page LEATHER BATH holger and wiese convene their end-of-the-world sound duo in L.A. for the first time in six years NOISE NOMADS primal electro-acoustics and bonescrape anti-thetics. first show from jeff hartford […]


3rd International Global Karaoke World Championships with Kim Jong Un

Human Resources LA 410 Cottage Home, Los Angeles, CA

Friday and Saturday, April 12 and 13 Doors at 7pm Performance at 8pm FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE—Fresh from his nation's supreme victory at Hanoi—Supreme Leader of the DPRK—The Democratic People's Republic of Korea Kim Jong Un (Seung-Min Lee) will make an appearance on the Pacific Rim of Los Angeles, California, USA at Human Resources LA to […]

Redactions (In Progress)

This is a new way to think of oneself, a body composite. No firm boundaries, not a me with space around. But one of those games, magnet shards that pull apart at a suggestion, seem whole but disperse into their millions. Think of yourself that way, a toy of many, host, hosting, little bugs, gathered […]

Public Fiction: Dylan Mira & Sarah Rara

Three-part poems by artists / writers Dylan Mira and Sarah Rara will inhabit opposing sides of a double-sided marquee—the illuminated exterior sign from Public Fiction’s former storefront location in Highland Park (2010—2015)—permanently removed from its original location, now briefly installed inside HRLA's main gallery. Each day, a new section of text will replace the previous […]

When in doubt, read Nightwood: Act III

Thursday March 28, 2019 - 8PM Door: $5-7 sliding scale O Widow Lazarus. The last part of a piece developed around the Djuna Barnes novel: a hysterical break-up that breaks into song. It culls the sentiments stirred by melodramas and musicals to wonder what’s after desire. How does refusal and discarding answer the yearning for transcendence and, […]

The International Expanded Field

Human Resources LA 410 Cottage Home, Los Angeles, CA

In the spirit of transnational dialog in times of heightened fragmentation, competition and isolation, The International Expanded Field brings members of different diasporic communities of Los Angeles for a three day event at Human Resources. With a critical and contemporary look at the late 1960s and 1970s third world solidarity movements, the three day event […]

Betsy Hunt: Drawing Exercises

Opening at 6pm - 9pm OneHouse ArtExperience presents Drawing Exercises features three short videos - done during a one week, May 2018, residency at the Motion and Media Across Disciplines Lab (MMAD Lab) at the University of Minnesota Duluth, by Duluth-based artist, Betsy Hunt. Betsy's current research is in video art, experimental animation, and performance […]

The Death of Medea

Human Resources LA 410 Cottage Home, Los Angeles, CA

Theatre Roscius (Constance Strickland) and Project Nongenue, in collaboration with and as part of Veronique D'Entremont's show Church of Art  Conceived by Constance Strickland Directed by Olivia Buntane Movement Direction by Christine Breihan Performed and developed by Constance Strickland and Liz Eldridge Constance Strickland is Creative Director of Theatre Roscius, an experimental theatre company that focuses […]


A Portal Through Which Love May Enter 

Human Resources LA 410 Cottage Home, Los Angeles, CA

Veronique d'Entremont, Veronica De Jesus and Cole M. James will discuss and share practices for healing ancestral and family connections, discovered through art and writing. As a group, we will engage a practice based in the work of trauma therapist and theologian Kelly Germaine-Strickland, and spiritual activist Jardana Peacock, who practice ancestral healing as an […]


Church of Art

Human Resources LA 410 Cottage Home, Los Angeles, CA

Using the framing of organized spiritual practice, Church of Art encompasses the work of artists who seek healing and self-actualization through various disciplines. Staged in front of an installation by Veronique d’Entremont, Gregory Barnett will perform an interactive, durational work, before the Sunday Service begins at 5pm. Sermons will be delivered by Veronique d’Entremont and Kim Ye […]


Beginning to End Fest day 3

Human Resources LA 410 Cottage Home, Los Angeles, CA

FREE doors at 11:30am noon - Sobbing Honey - Grant Capes and Mike Meanstreetz. tone and silence. gibbering beats and accidental blasts. don't worry, it will be over soon. 12:30 - James Fella / Seth Kasselman - visitors from the mighty desert citadel of Phoenix. Expect a diversity of unsettling sounds and pleasing juxtapositions. Jazz […]


Beginning to End Fest day 2

Human Resources LA 410 Cottage Home, Los Angeles, CA

FREEEEEE... we will do our best to have a few BBQs going during the day so bring something to grill if you want... nothing like snacks and music! doors at 11:30 noon - Saint Cecilia will serenade us over coffee and donuts. Sweetness and light served with a hot splash of wake-up!!!! 12:45 - Soft […]


Beginning to End Fest day 1

Human Resources LA 410 Cottage Home, Los Angeles, CA

FREE Welcome to the first night of the three day celebration of music and performance at Human Resources Los Angeles. 8:15pm - The Deep Silence - this guy's instagram handle is the Wizard Adam... it is fitting because of the magic that springs from his mind, his fingers and his gadgets. We run the risk […]


Alex Zhang Hungtai • Ka Baird • Yek Koo

UPEND presents Alex Zhang Hungtai Ka Baird Yek Koo as part of Human Resources Los Angeles 2019-Q1 sunday march third doors at eight - sound at nine donate $10 at the door advance tickets also available here. facebook event page ALEX ZHANG HUNGTAI Alex Zhang Hungtai is a Chinese diasporic artist and musician who has […]

Mulan, Make Up!

Human Resources LA 410 Cottage Home, Los Angeles, CA

Mulan, Make Up! (轉世花木蘭), a queer exhibition curated by artist Yu Cheng-Ta (余政達) and organized by Taiwan Academy in Los Angeles (洛杉磯臺灣書院), delivers perspectives on body politics and highlights nakedness of gender fluid through visual art and performance. The special screening and performance party of Mulan, Make Up! features several experimental short films created by artists […]

Medium Judith: The Plumbing Tree

Human Resources LA 410 Cottage Home, Los Angeles, CA

Thursday, February 28 8pm Friday, March 1 8pm  Tickets: $10, Buy online to reserve a seat as tickets are limited!! Tickets will also be available at the door if we do not sell out online. buy here The Plumbing Tree is a three-act play, told through the perspectives of an eccentric family plagued by dogma. Each act is […]



YOU ARE The Uhuruverse is releasing their Sophomore Album, “Who Killed Kenisha” on February 25th, 2019 at Human Resources LA. An evening of: BDSM 101 with The Goddexx Cori Opening Performance by FUCK U PAY US (FUPU) DJs: Bapari, Mounir Closing Performances by The Uhuruverse   This album release party is a joint birthday celebration. […]

Kenyatta A.C. Hinkle: The Evanesced

Human Resources LA 410 Cottage Home, Los Angeles, CA

In The Evanesced, 100+ drawings, large scale paintings and a suite of performances bring attention to a painful subject: missing black womxn in America and the African diaspora, from history to the present day. Abstract "un-portraits" of elusive figures are conjured up--drawn with handmade brushes and while the Hinkle improvises dances to blues, hip-hop, and […]


Human Resources LA 410 Cottage Home, Los Angeles, CA

CRINKLE is a project exploring sensory perception and themes surrounding multi-sensory integration, particularly the binding of taste and sound. An attempt at understanding the phenomenon of synesthesia moves one to question, what does a taste experience sound like? How might a sound experience taste? In asking, this collaboration between artists Jonathan Silberman and Jasmine Sarp […]

$25 – $35

A RAVE Is A Rave is a rave

Human Resources LA 410 Cottage Home, Los Angeles, CA

With tunes by amazing djs Baba Electronica, Tyler Matthew Oyer and Toni and bargain prices!! FEB 16 10pm - 4am Door: $5-10 sliding scale BYOB Come dance those bones! A RAVE Is A Rave is a rave!! And please invite everyone and anyone!! The more the merrier since that space is generally gigantic.

$5 – $10

tell no lies / claim no easy victories

Human Resources LA 410 Cottage Home, Los Angeles, CA

February 15, friday - 7 - 10pm | Free & BYOB performance-in-progress night with Karla Ekatherine Canseco & Christal Perez Jinseok Choi Maria Maea Roksana Pirouzmand Pacoima Techno image credit: Roksana Pirouzmand, Painting Pond, 2009. Video still. event organized by Clara López Menéndez

Dorian Wood: Color From God-lung (Larkwat 00)

Human Resources LA 410 Cottage Home, Los Angeles, CA

Color From God-lung is an endurance-based opera series in which the performers create an intense yet minimalist environment through the use of their bodies, and how they relate to each other. Inspired from a dream by Dorian Wood, the opera unfolds within the petrified carcass of a giant celestial elephant, one of thousands strewn across […]


There is almost not an interval

Human Resources LA 410 Cottage Home, Los Angeles, CA

We will walk along an unplanned route, departing from HRLA at the end of the Golden Dragon Parade (3pm) on Saturday February 9th, and then again at 3pm on Sunday February 10th. Each walk will begin in silence, with conversation arriving in response to the territory covered and the pace of walking. Live audio from […]

One, Again / Against One

One, Again / Against One is a group show interested in the osculation of being one and many. Oriented towards the processes and conditions that enable relations to be skewed, at times awkward, or not necessarily there, but almost, is the exhibits domain. The title of the show riffs off of Jackie Wang’s Against Innocence, […]


Cinema began in wonder, the wonder that reality can be transcribed with such immediacy. All of cinema is an attempt to perpetuate and to reinvent that sense of wonder. ... Until the advent of television emptied the movie theaters, it was from a weekly visit to the cinema that you learned (or tried to learn) […]

Exquisite Rugs, Exceptional Service: 530 N. Lake Avenue, Pasadena

Human Resources LA 410 Cottage Home, Los Angeles, CA

An in-progress installation about Pasadena Rug Mart, established in 1932 and closed in 2017, commemorating this diasporic 20th Century shop as a personal, cultural, business, and social archive of 530 N. Lake Avenue, Pasadena and incorporating documentation and archival materials dating from the 1930s-2000s, as well as books, textiles, ephemera, yarn used to make repairs, […]