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Ecology of the Edge: Closing reception with Paige Emery, Olive Kimoto and Kendra Adler

December 7, 2019 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Closing reception for Ecology of the Edge at Human Resources.

Music performances by
Paige Emery
Olive Kimoto 
and movement performance by
Kendra Adler with Jenna Lo-Slavio and Josie J (divinebrick)

Intimate Ecology zines to take home by Mukta Mohan and Dylan Tupper Rupert


Paige Emery
“The Body Outside of itself” looks at the body as a host of multiplicities that evade the logics of contemporary discriminatory hierarchies as dancing figures intra-act with their environment. Paige Emery’s performance coalesces her music with these dancing bodies as paintings translating each song are projected onto her own body symbiotically to create a transforming multimedia work.

Olive Kimoto
Olive Kimoto will be performing with her sound sculpture, “Resonance in the Non-Age”, examining the increasingly post-temporal trajectory of our biospheric and neurospheric environments alike. The performance will interact with a space encircled by artificial rocks that amplify the sounds of emulated nature, binaural beats, and meditation. The frequency featured, called the Schumann Resonance, is the frequency of the electromagnetic field of the Earth and is commonly found throughout nature at 7.83 hertz, also known as the Earth’s pulse. Unhearable to the human ear, the frequency is perceivable through an auditory illusion produced by two differing pure-tone sine waves presented to the listener dichotically.

Kendra Adler in collaboration with Jenna Lo-Slavio and Josie J (divinebrick)
Myopia is a somatic “Word As Movement” inquiry developed by Kendra Adler. Dancers explore natural material and history through improvisational movement, to understand, to hold, and to incubate the messages while immersed in the visual world of this myopic contrast. The Palm is a symbol of the colonizer in Los Angeles – an agent in creating a facade of a LA paradise. Dancers authentically explore this myopic state of the settler who rejected the lands innate intelligence to pursue their personal agenda of illusion and consumption. Journey into the palm – a creature connected to the sacred – displaced from the sacred, returning to the sacred. How does the palm represent you? How does its mask/facade reflect yours? How can we peel back the layers of grass, and uncover it, uncover you? Much like this grass, many of us are migrant species figuring out how to thrive in a non-native land. We move with the palm – to honor its path, as an echo of our own ancestral trauma. Each of us represents this lineage, when we move through the layers, we can heal, together.


December 7, 2019
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm