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Springing Studies

March 9 2:00 pm March 23 5:00 pm

Springing Studies is the first installment of HRLA Studies, a series of free study sessions intended for skill sharing, thought provocation, collective learning and expansion of the commons. Two sessions are being offered this Spring. The sessions are free and open to everyone. No RSVP necessary. They take place in parallel to other HRLA programs at HRLA and around the area.

HRLA Studies is a proposition instigated by clara lópez menéndez. Because the most memorable things we learn for free, like stolen fruit taste better.

Springing Studies
Hosted by Fernando Bravo
March 9, 16, and 23
2 – 5pm

Human Resources is in an old part of Los Angeles. Between the Elysian Hills and the Zanja Madre, its location tells a story of the place before LA, and it might hint at the after.

At a time where many are asking questions around the nation state: questions of birth, of growth, of progress, Springing Studies brings to you a selection of readings, lectures, and activities that briefly and densely link the natal and the national, the mountain and the tunnel, the mine and the train, industry, progress, globalization, today, right now, the center. A confused center, surrounded by lifedeath substances, like seeds in earth.

Over three Saturdays in March, we will come together to study, draw, and share. We will walk to the Zanja Madre. We will look toward the mountains and wonder, how else? What else and when?

Reading for the first session: A Non-Euclidean View on California as a Cold Place to Be, by Ursula K. LeGuin.