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Devotional See-Saw

March 13 March 16

Gallery hours: Friday, March 15th, 2 – 6pm; Saturday, March 16th 12 – 5pm

A collaborative show by Canción Paz and Amia Yokoyama
To read texts about the show (in English / en español), click here.

A parade with the main material being friendship (sacred relatedness) among ceramics, drawings, bells and fabric dolls.

With pieces (flags) by the sexiest CDMX artists Mata Flores, Ada Navarro, Cheslsea Gelwarg, Helia Mejia, Corona, and Carolina Berrocal; and LA artists Syd Yocom, Carolina Hicks, Chiffon Thomas, Josh Cloud, Kayla Ephros, Lyric Shen, Venus Wikifur, Ellie Gordon, Forever Soo Hoo, Jonathan Chacon, Sebastian Loo, Clue Quilala, Kate Mosher Hall, and Aimee Goguen.

Wednesday, March 13th 6pm: Opening reception

Performance at 7pm
1. Pamper routine (guided stretching warm up ) with harpist Leng Bian
2. Procession ⁠commencement speech (Jonathan Chacon)
3. Kayla Ephros Acapella
3. Ducky banquet by Jade Sky
4. ⁠Aasir Cherot (shimmy spectacle)
5. ⁠A Thousand Bows Ensemble ( Forever Soo Hoo, Aasir Cherot, Walter Vargas and Cancion Paz) musicalized by Tigress of the Lilypad (Amia Yokoyama, Keane Nwede, Leti Soriano, and Mito del Desierto)
Followed by closign reception with DJ Alitlebug and DJ Negashi Armada, 10pm to midnight

Friday, March 15th 6pm: Stretching warm-up and double-feature

1. Pamper routine (guided stretching warm up)
2. Friendship Speech (Gloria Galvez)
Two films directed by Shūji Terayama
3. Pastoral: To Die in the Country (1980) 1h 44m
4. Fruits of Passion (1981) 1h 23m