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Gong Gaada • Glochids • lucky dragons

November 2, 2019 9:00 pm - 11:30 pm

UPEND presents

Gong Gaada
lucky dragons

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Human Resources
410 Cottage Home Street


Inspired by gamelan traditions as much as the contemporary experimental scenes of Indonesia, Gong Gaada is a Los Angeles-based trio exploring a hyrbrid form of their own devise. Utilizing a couple reyong – the arrays of metal gongs used in Balinese gamelan – and suling – bamboo flute – and modular synthesizer, the group lays out familiar and creative patterns and tones as a matrix for departure. The analog electronics pick up and process of the acoustic drama in real-time, honing in on certain frequencies, the modular output augmenting their sounds with new-found harmonics and psychedelic flitter. Groove intact, noise rips and punctuates in step with the hypnotic rhythms of their struck metal attack. This fresh ensemble has performed just few times locally, and this summer took their sound to the east coast, including a performance in Vermont at Gong Brattleboro: Experiments in Gamelan. Gong Gaada is Matthew Clough-Hunter – Reyong and Suling, Hirotaka Inuzuka – Reyong, Cordey Lopez – Modular Synthesizer.


Glochids is the aural ecology of Oakland-based artist James Roemer. Via sounds captured and made, gently tugged and pulled, Glochids intuits without regard for the lines between the organic and mechanic. This diaristic audiosphere draws from environmental recording, concrète and electronic sounds, paced with savvy edits and flow. In live settings, the play table fills with selections from a cache of vernacular electronics and dead media. (On occasion – for example – the artist utilizes a magnetic stripe card reader to store simple samples and warble possibly imperfect playbacks.) Acoustic emanations are also in the cards, as gamelan sounds have cameoed live and on record. Roemer’s affinity to the Indonesian form is subtle but evident in Glochids tonal and aesthetic predilections. A sonic lifer and veteran of the road, Roemer continually experiments in the field. This year he resided and worked through the Austral Summer in Antartica, followed by a musical tour of Indonesia, bringing inspiration full circle into sound. Glochids has released on labels including Ascetic House, Weird Ear, and Phinery.

lucky dragons

For this event lucky dragons will play spectral symmetries of soul.


November 2, 2019
9:00 pm - 11:30 pm
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