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Prima Sakuntabhai & Olivia Leiter

June 7, 2023 9:00 pm

This weeks Wednesday Night Summer Screening Series features short videos Olivia Leiter and Prima Sakuntabhai.

Olivia Leiter
Drawing from archival materials and phone interviews, Amalgamated explores cooperation, 
unions, the 60s and 70s New York City tenant movement, compromises, financial issues and ideas around community and belonging. 

Special thanks to Ed Yaker, David Wayne, The Bronx Historical Society, The Kneel Center for Labor-Management Documentation and Archives and The Tamiment Library and Robert F. Wagner Labor Archives. 

Amalgamated, 2023
20 Minutes

Prima Sakuntabhai
Looking back at the work I made when I first moved to LA in 2017, Site Specificity III is a reflection on how absence and disappearance render a site specific because it is no longer accessible. I turned my bedroom in Boyle Heights into a performance space for twenty audience members for an evening. The window covered in vellum becomes a projection screen, revealing the projected image as the sun sets. The three-channel documentation shows the performance from three perspectives: the point of view of the performer, the projection screen and through an X-ray filter. Ranging from fragmented childhood memories, a city built by a heartbroken Roman emperor to proliferation of passenger planes, the narratives and imagery in the work still resonate with my current work on memory in connection to place and blending of fact and fiction.

Fast forward to the present, Etretat is a short clip I put together from my return visit to France the summer of 2022. I had asked my parents to take me to Etretat, a village on the Normandy coast, known for its white chalk cliffs and remnants of World War II. When my dad was 16, he visited his grand-uncle, Pridi Banomyong, the Thai revolutionary in exile in France, who took him on a trip there.

Site Specificity III, 2018

Three-channel video documentation of performance

19:55 minutes

Etretat, 2023
3 minutes