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The Alphabet of Andean Futurism

December 1, 2023 7:00 pm 10:00 pm

This project emerges as an adaptation of fragments from Gamaliel Churata’s indigenist avant-garde masterpiece, “The Golden Fish,” viewed through the lens of Andean Futurism. It combines music, video, poetry, and performance, focusing on key scenes that depict the origins of a mythological being in the future of the Andes.

Additionally, the presentation includes Pumita Andino Cazador from the collective Lxs Demonixs del Ande from Huancayo – Peru, a musical collaboration with local LA producer and DJ Adam O and the VJ mixing work of video artist and filmmaker Danny Perez.

Alan Poma has adapted the Russian Cubo-Futurist opera Victory over the Sun and published the Andean Futurist Manifesto in 2019. He developed the concept of Andean Futurism, which offers a non-linear interpretation of Andean culture. He has participated in performances, exhibitions, and concerts, proposing an interpretation that encourages a dialogue between the Western avant-garde tradition and the Andean cultural heritage. Alan is currently visiting faculty at California Institute of the Arts in Los Angeles.