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Sebastian Hernandez – REVERB

June 17, 2023 7:00 pm

Reverb is a quartet movement based performance that thinks through ideas of queerness, kin, sorrow and the body. This performance asks the performers to question their commitment to performance, movement, and art making. How do we give and conserve energy. How do we survive in times of duress? How do we breathe amidst legislative violence? How do we find freedom in todays violently oppressive capitalist structures that seek to consume and dispose our bodies?

Sebastian invited queer black and brown movers they have met and danced with in queer Los Angeles night life. This politically direct invitation is no coincidence as this queer commons aids Sebastians work. This commons allows for the organic nature and mutual understandings of Sebastians artistic ideas and shared life experiences as minoritarian subject in todays increasing anti LGBT+ America. This mode of working is a central part of Sebastian’s practice as they not only source from the club but simultaneously contribute to queer club culture in LA through their monthly party, YOU Los Angeles.

Directed by Sebastian Hernandez
Performed by Sebastian Hernandez, Kearian, Augustine, Summer Breeze Hoskins
Music Score and Mixing by Sebastian Hernandez

Presale tickets are available here, and at the door- No one will be turned away