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Sculptors Painting

May 17 May 19

Organized by Cara Chan

Opening reception: Friday, May 17, 6 – 9pm
Gallery hours: Saturday, May 18 through Thursday, May 23, 12 – 6pm
Painting event: Sunday, May 19, 2 – 5pm

We often think of art in categories: new media, performance,  painting, sculpture. These can become limiting identities for artists, who must constantly challenge and renew their creativity. Sculptors Painting features 31 LA sculptors who were challenged to drop their Festools and take up the brush and palette. The artists were given complete freedom with one restriction: no 3D elements; ONLY oil or acrylic on canvas/linen/panel.  The goal was to explore a foreign medium and inspire experimentation outside of the artists’ comfort zones. The works on view should therefore be read as paintings by artists accustomed to working in three dimensions. Different questions arise: How do ideas live in 2D versus 3D? How does embodied knowledge of mass and form translate onto canvas? Do style and identity transcend medium? Sculptors Painting is an exercise in play, breaking from the familiar and encouraging lightness.

Zoe Koke will be teaching a painting lesson on Sunday, May 19 from 2 – 5pm. Participants are asked to bring their choice surface: a primed canvas/panel/paper and paint: oil paint, acrylic paint, or watercolor.  Limited canvas paper and materials will be available. The topic will be painting as a gesture to heal the body.


Adrian mm Abela
Brenda Barrios
Daniel Klass Beckwith
Cara Chan
Allen Hung-Lun Chen
Max Cleary
Gabriel Cohen
Ivana Dama 
Ryan Flores
Lili Abdel-Ghany
Julia Garder
Sylvia Hardy
Nevada Hardman
Louis Heilbronn
Merideth Hillbrand
Shana Hoehn
Alex Kerr
Jordan Kolesnik 
ZZ Krebs
Aaron Meyers
Hallie McNeill
Gozie Ojini
Aryana Polat
Carlos Vela-Prado 
Jackie Rines
Hope Stutzman
Karen Tepaz
Daniel Alejandro Trejo
Valeria Tizol Vivas 
Chris Warr
Christopher Wawrinofsky 
Amia Yokoyama