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Sad Girl Summer

January 13, 2023 8:00 pm

Sad Girl Summer is a solo performance by Pau S. Pescador with opening performances and installations by Luna Fisher, Emji Saint Spero and Sammie Veeler. 

This event is co-hosted by Art Reality Studio and New Art City . 

Pau S. Pescador 

Sad Girl Summer

Sad Girl Summer is a three-act performance and installation, which is the third iteration of artist and filmmaker’s Hot Girl Summer performance series. After the loss of her elder dog, Ty, a trans Latina, leaves Los Angeles for the summer to reflect upon her past relationships and loss. Through this solo performance, Pescador utilizes costumes, puppets and props to explore her own successes and failures attempting to understand the greater world around her? What responsibilities? It’s summer!

Luna Fisher

thank youUuu bezZzos

queer trans artist luna fisher explores her coming(s) of age through sound, clown, poetry, emotions and etceteras.  she is influenced deeply by the real and the unreal forever exploring the space between the two with whimsy in order to clear the path for change.  encouraging the audience to participate in any way, luna is cozy in chaos and sees us as one with nature and now technology.  expressing the perpetual cycle of elements as the wind emerges from space and blows the dust that meets the water that stokes the fires of creativity that provide the steam to enhance our auras making life more vibrant and expansive for all.  

Emji Saint Spero

No blood no glitter no performance of any kind

No blood no glitter no performance no stage no tonite. The list is expansive and the carry is forever. This piece is lurking in afterglow of an LDR with a certain shuttered queer bar in San Francisco. It doesn’t kiss and tell. Welcome to the afters. 

Sammie Veeler

A Time Capsule Or A GraveA Time Capsule Or A Grave is a hybrid performance commissioned for Octobre Numérique Faire Monde in Arles, France in October 2022. Veeler activates a 3D virtual space built with New Art City by delivering an IRL lecture as she walks through a projection of the space. The work expounds on Veeler’s personal grief ritual with her late husband’s personal archive, and the role of the virtual in this process. The first iteration of the performance was recorded and the audio was installed in the space at each of the areas she stopped to speak. This can be accessed on desktop at https://newart.city/world/well.