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Ryat Yezbick, Sarah Gail, Isidro Pérez García, Jmy James Kidd

March 28, 2023 8:00 pm 10:00 pm

New performances on a Tuesday night.

Jmy James Kidd

dog – fly free – sing, Jmy dances on a felted flying carpet

Isidro Pérez García

Performing as the character Tuleño, the artist will weave a chair seat using tule/cattails harvested from an ecological reserve, while audience members sitting in spiral formation pass him the materials for weaving.  

Sarah Gail

Sarah Gail talks about their life. In an artistic way. 

Ryat Yezbick

Ryat is exploring new practices contending with the body, architecture, targets, running into walls, limits and limitlessness. This work in progress plays with the varied meanings of the word “target”, both as an aim, goal or destination and as an object of obsession or derision.