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Page Person – THE EAR* (*or how I became a person)

March 19, 2023 5:00 pm

THE EAR* (*or how I became a person) is a performance by interdisciplinary artist Page Person Sunday, March 19 at 5:00 pm. At a time when the very existence of trans people is under attack, the artist describes how claiming space for their own existence healed a lifetime of being the subject of discrimination, bullying and the treat of physical assault. Who owns the narrative of our lives? If a hurtful narrative is placed upon us, how can we assert ourselves and change that narrative? Person physically manifests as The Ear, an oversized organ for hearing, and invites the audience to hurl fragmented sounds and syllables of various homophobic and transphobic slurs; enacting the harm that it caused them as an individual to absorb these sounds. The Ear becomes twisted, bound and deformed from the abuses enacted upon it. Various ritualized re-enactments of performances from their early drag career then give voice and agency to the artist and incrementally heal The Ear; which by the end of the work is returned to a whole and complete state. Owning the narrative of their gender has been the single healthiest choice the artist has made in a career that spans three decades; here they speak directly about their experiences and ask who has the right to deny us the power of creating our own life stories to live as complete people.