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Macula Dog • Bromp Treb • Mas Guerrero

June 10, 2023 8:00 pm 11:00 pm

On Saturday June 10th MACULA DOG – the enigmatic, electronic, off-kilter, self-contained band and performance unit from New York City – bring themselves and their holographs to Human Recources Los Angeles via UPEND.

Plus, the blurp and pivot of BROMP TREB, a single human – Neil ‘Cloaca’ Young – who teases a tangle of crisscrossed gear and microphoning in a revue of body comedy and little ‘lectronic frenzies.

And Angelino audio pilot MAS GUERRERO, herself a node of high quality alt-reality squonk and digi-pastiche that hits ears in both abstractronic and song forms.

Advance tickets available here.


Macula Dog is a New York City-based band, a fully weird and wireless electronic audio-video duo that divvies out a flurry of wild and fun songs that’ve apparently jumped out of the same variable pitch blender as Devo and the Residents (and for headier heads Melted Men and Zoogz Rift!)

In support of a new LP, Orange 2 on Wharf Cat Records, they hit the west coast with their futurist-absurdist antics and a full costumery upgrade for the first time in six years. This gig will gig showcase the band’s new live configuration, in which “…they carry their gear on harnesses, adorning themselves with impact-resistant clothing to cushion from injury should their exoskeletal sit-stand legs slip out from under them. The duo also carry a camera and hologram projection system, transforming each member into a fully mobile performance rig, each with a mini jumbotron.“