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JD’s Preventing Harassment & Discrimination Training

October 19, 2023 12:00 pm 6:00 pm

While gallery sitting for Carlos Agredano’s Smog Check, Jennifer Doyle will complete her state-mandated sexual harassment prevention training program, and livestream this exercise (via HRLA’s Instagram account) while offering running commentary about the process. Doyle is the author of Campus Sex/Campus Security, a book which takes up the braiding of harassment and security dynamics. The possibility of harassment alibis the intensification of the security apparatus—how do we undo that relation? what is a safe space? what makes for a hostile environment? What does it mean to refuse these securitizing structures, and to reckon with our expectations of institutions and our relationship to them? This training, normally taken with zero real engagement with these issues, is supposed to take two hours. Doyle stretches this obligation out: it is unlikely she’ll get all the way through it. Pop by the gallery to check out Agredano’s exhibition and to join her in conversation about social ecology and harassment as a form of toxicity. This training exercise is meant to be interrupted.