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Exit Interview

June 22, 2016 - June 26, 2016

Drawing credit: Class of 2016, Courtesy of CalArts

Open Daily June 22—26, 11am to 6pm
Reception June 25, 2016 6-10pm

Exit Interview, the culminating exhibition by the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) School of Arts’ 2016 MFA graduates, departs from the strictly bureaucratic associations of its title. The group exhibition highlights the dialogic dimension of two years of thinking and working in relation to one another. Acknowledging the paradoxical quality of institutionalized art education, the show is conceived as a field of interferences and counterpoints, the aftermath of a vital encounter and commitment to critical discourse.

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Schedule of events:

June 22 – Wednesday 10am-5pm

Kyle Johanson and Tim Tsang
“2 people, 3rd space, 5th wall: a long form activity practicing engagement with Exit Interview and each other in the forms of live and recorded talking and listening and looking”
Tim and Kyle walk and talk and listen and look with each other through the works of Exit Interview. The activity is recorded on two head mounted cameras and later replayed in an audio/video/text format.


June 22 – Wednesday 7pm-9pm

Gloria Galvez
“Soft Drink Social”
Soft Drink Social bringing you soft drinks and soft tunes during hard times. A gathering and function hosted by Gloria Galvez in collaboration with hoops, delivering a soft strike to the social pyramid.


June 23 – Thursday 7pm-9pm

Artur Da Silva
“St. Lazarus” (Running Time: 12:22)
“Winter in America” (Running Time: 7:45)

Ay?e Melis OKAY
“Fetish” (Running Time: 16:00)

John Alexander
“On Magic Mountain” (Running Time: 4:48)

Juhee Han
“Redroom” (Running Time: 13:30)
A day in her red room.

Nebras Hoveizavi
“Sometime in January, Nakhodka Mammad was singing his songs while smuggling fabrics. It was sometime in June when I was born out of fabrics made by a loom.” (Running Time: 16:59)
Time and Place are in snooze mood, and the sleeping zone brought realistic form of talking about smuggling in Iran. The question is how one could talk about smuggling and the economy of the country which had been dealing with sanctions for decades.

Carlos Diaz-Sullivan
“Take Care of You (Running Time: 35:00)

Julio Orta
“Movie Trailer: El Chapo”
(Running Time: 4:55)
Movie Trailer for “El Chapo” Guzman movie. Starring Sean Penn and Kate del Castillo.
“The Players” (Running Time: 4:00)
A baby and a grown-up having a tennis match.

Shaoyu Su
“Hongshan Relic: 4700 BC to 2014″ (Running Time: 0:07)
Machine version of the history in Hongshan Relic Site.


June 25 – Saturday 6-10pm


June 25 – Saturday 6:30pm-6:50pm

Rachel Yezbick
“For Purposes Hereof”
For Purposes Hereof is a performance piece written for a group of readers. Created from a documentary film contract between Jeff Harmes – a homeless man, gardener and panhandler – and a L.A. production company – Motiv8 Media – the piece highlights the obfuscating uses of legal language.


June 26 – Sunday 12:00pm
Performance and Readings:

Karley Sullivan
“Venus Rising”
Performance/Mark-Making, with Charmaine Bee, Jonathan Molina-Garcia, Brandon Rhoads, and Karley Sullivan.

Erica Palmiter
“Scenic Papers”
A reading from a series of short stories that describe the artist’s family history. The stories speak to generational memory gaps and the recreation of narrative through a distanced cultural lens.

B Neimeth
Josephine weaves together a poetic narrative with genetic information. It is a mother-daughter relationship described in distance and the lasting residuals that lie in the body.

Karley Sullivan
“Snake Stories”
Reading, opening, erasing, recasting.

Juliana Lujan
“Goodbye Flavia”
A farewell letter to a spider-friend.

Georgia Lassner
“Last Exit”
Description: A reading of excerpts from essays on art and art shows, both real and imagined.


June 22, 2016
June 26, 2016
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