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exigent webs: a night of shorts

August 30, 2023 9:00 pm 10:30 pm

A night of experimental documentary shorts weaving through the body as an archive, as well as a site of criminalization and/or pleasure—sites that are navigating history as present, past and future through the personal and the collective narrative—circling and probing politics of intimacy, responsibility and closeness through different lenses. 

And some music videos for the end of summer heat ~~~

Copies of a zine made by Stone Dove Productions will also be available at the screening in conjunction with one of the films, Stone Dove, by Chichi Castillo and May May Peltier. 

Program selected by Sam Richardson


“Lets Play Catch” – 2 mins

V Haddad 


New Red Order (Adam Khalil, Zack Khalil, Jackson Polys) 

Violence of a Civilization Without Secrets –  9:45 mins

Kearra Amaya Gopee

Artifact #3: Terra Nullius-  11 mins

Jamie Ross 

There’s Room Enough In Paradise – 7.5 mins

Arisleyda Dilone 

Can’t Be Found in a Textbook – 1 min

Chichi Castillo and May May Peltier 

Stone Dove – 13:58 mins

Dana Washington 

Current State of Everything – 8mins

Hazel Katz 

Baby Sis – 7 mins


Water 4 U – 2 mins

This is the final screening of HR’s 2023 Wednesday Night Summer Screening Series