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April 29, 2016 - May 1, 2016

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“Eternal Telethon: 55+” will broadcast non-stop from 1:00pm on April 28th through the evening of May 1st. The broadcast can be watched live online at EternalTelethon.com and will feature a wide range of creative contributions from over 150 artists.

An ongoing series of collectively-organized live web-casts, the Eternal Telethon raises money to create a convalescent home for retired and ailing artists in need of a break. The telethon functions both as a showcase for artists to present new, experimental work in a low-pressure environment, as well as a demonstration of how a community can effectively define its needs and empower itself.

Below is the schedule, subject to change.

Friday Afternoon

1:00- Introduction to the great Eternal Telethon
2:00- Clare Kelly
3:00- Laub and Jennifer Moon
3:20- Guthrie & Streb
3:40- Michele Jacquis
4:00- Derde Verde
4:40- Bake Sale
5:00- Elizabeth Hall

Friday Evening

5:40- Lainey Racah
6:20- Maypole construction
6:40- David Gilbert
7:00- Slam Dunx
7:20- Jasmine Nyende
7:40- cocktail hour
8:00- Finishing School
8:20- Stephanie Hutin
8:40- Elonda Billera
9:00- Christy Berkowitz
9:20- Joseph Mosconi
9:40- Tracy Jeanne Rosenthal
10:00- Childless
10:10- Retirement home amenities brainstorm
10:20- Margie Schnibbe
10:40- Kim Calder
11:00- Duber
11:40- Visions (Gabie Strong & David Nuss)

Friday Midnight

12:10 – Balloon Pop
12:20- Elisa Larkins & Neven Lochead
12:40- Andrew Cox
1:00- Molly Shea
2:30- Matias Viegener
3:00- Nick Malkin
3:20- Eternal Telethongs
4:00- Alexis Disselkoen and Friends
4:20- James Raymond
5:10- Kelby Vera
5:40- People screaming at the top of their lungs

Saturday Morning

8:00- Nehemias De Leon
8:20- Plan for a Retirement Home in a Video Game
8:30- Diana-Sofia Estrada
9:20- MC Radio Hour
10:00- Geneva Skeen & Alise Spinelle
10:20- Sergi Gee and Camellia Saleh
10:40- Filling Up the Thermometer
11:00- Pauline Lay
12:00- Julius Mack

Saturday Afternoon

12:40- Elyse Reardon-Jung
1:00- Ted Byrnes
1:40- Pettiness workshop
2:30- Alex Sanchez
3:00- Jay Lizo & Chelsea
3:20- People talking about things they shouldn’t talk about
3:40- Paul Pescador
4:50- “The Promise of a New Day” by Paula Abdul recital
5:00- Simone Gad
5:20- Dustin Smith
5:30- people describing illnesses that they have had

Saturday Evening

6:00- Slow Rose
6:20- Steve Kado
6:40- Handski
7:10- Chrysanthe O
7:30- People On Drugs
7:40- Clitbait
8:00 Marshall Astor
8:00 Keith Rocka Knittttel
9:00- Miles K and Jesse Elias
9:20- Everyone reading all of their Facebook posts in order all at once
9:40- Leisure Van Fock
10:00- Katie Herzog
10:25- Eternal E-mail-athon
10:40- Steve Kado
11:00- people explaining what has happened up until this point
11:20- Niko Solorio

Saturday Midnight

12:00- Megan Daalder and Anna Ialeggio
12:50- People admitting they’ve had crushes on republicans
1:00- Andrew Choate
1:40- Aaron Wrinkle
2:00- David Bell & Guan Rong
2:30- emotional nudity
3:00- Emi Kuriyama
3:30- Manuel Lima & Vanessa Baish
4:00- Yoshie Sakai
4:20- Albert Samreth
5:40- people trying to stay awake

Sunday Morning

6:40- Pancake Breakfast
7:00- Dave White
8:00- Jessica Mckinley
9:00- Juan Manuel Gudino and Oscar Santos
9:20- Krista Feld
9:40- Von Curtis
10:00- Michal Kamran
10:20- People Talking on phones about phones
10:40- Ante Bodlović
11:00- Malisa Humphrey
11:40- Badlands

Sunday Afternoon

12:00- Brian Getnick
12:40- Enrique Castrejon
1:00- Liz Nuremberg
1:40- Desida
2:00- Frau Fiber
2:30- Pedal Strike
3:00- Telethon
3:20- Nate Page
3:40- Kyle Roberts
4:00- Spokenest
4:20- Kim Ye
4:40- Mariel Carranza
5:00- Emily Lacy
5:30- Lili Bernard
6:00- Star Partners
6:30- Megan Cotts & Ali Prosch
7:00- Marshall Astor
7:30- Carl Pomposelli
8:00- Purity

Founded in early 2009, the Eternal Telethon is very pleased to have featured a multitude of artists sharing their creativity to show support for the creation of an artist retirement home. Past Eternal Telethon broadcasts have taken place near and far, including in Los Angeles at Machine Project, Public Fiction, the MAK Center, Redcat, Barfspace,Bellyflop Gallery, and under a blanket, in New York at X initiative, and in Mexico City at Bikini Wax.

For more information or get involved with the Eternal Telethon contact [email protected]

Select performances from the Eternal Telethon’s archive can be found here https://www.youtube.com/user/eternaltelethon

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April 29, 2016
May 1, 2016