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Amy Chiao, Gregory Barnett, José Guadalupe Sánchez III, Zeina Baltagi


February 21, 2023 8:00 pm 10:00 pm

New performances on a Tuesday night.

Amy Chiao

Chicken Bones for the Capital Soul® is an American self-help, consumer goods, and performance media group. Starting in Chiao’s kitchen during the 2020 lockdown, her bone cleaning turned accessories products began as a process art practice that ritualistically developed her spiritual entrepreneur alter ego, BBL, the Bone Business Lady. Inspired by maintenance art and craft therapy, BBL collaborates with Los Angeles based Certified Pro-Bone(r) Cleaners and Creatives to transcend their bodies with the bone material into evolutionary, manifestation machines producing a boundless supply of oral currency.

Gregory Barnett

Wandering Purgatory Dance – if you’re lost forever feats of endurance lose their merit, rogue Hummel figurine following a bird through the desert, a forgotten grandpa waltz, a farmer’s fable.

José Guadalupe Sánchez III

Many-way Conversations – This performance explores a nepantler@’s epistemology of self. That is, how a nepantler@ may come to know or not know. You know?

Zeina Baltagi 

This body was never mine, presented by Zeina Baltagi  

Intaglio etching on handmade paper made out of cotton U.S. military uniforms Chine-Collé ‘d on to handmade paper made out of pink and white medical paperwork, diary letters and colorful children’s yarn, with a boot print. Size: 15” x 22” Year: 2012 Image Courtesy of the artist.