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Alan S. Tofighi: Legal Fictions & Critical Bands (1993-2024)

March 19 March 23

Alan S. Tofighi: Legal Fictions & Critical Bands (1993-2024) Traces trajectories from two ongoing work cycles; Critical Bands (2010-present) and Legal Fictions (2014-present). Respectively rooted in histories & counter histories in the performance of objects and the processes of aesthetic forms utilized to forge and manipulate social structures, retrocausal collaboration of these separate arcs interlock and collaborate in real time. Further linking these zones is the accumulation of art adjacent remnants, refuse, and research repositories from past and future works in a complication of separation. Infinite game where the viewer can mine and undermine dominant culture to navigate their own counter history. 

Accompanying the event will be two evenings of performances culminating with a closing performance on March 23, as part of Tofighi’s ongoing work of collecting acoustic and architectural samples where collaborators will acoustically shift the resonant frequencies and architectural basis of the site. 

Alan S. Tofighi (they/them) is an Interdisciplinary artist who lives and works in Southern California. Utilizing a background in research, performance, sound, consumer products, and video, their work deals with analyses of the dispersion, obfuscation, and formation of information/history to renegotiate narratives of history & power in the present. Tofighi utilizes the infiltration of legal parameters, social structures, myth, (dis)information, folk ontologies and extensive research of these cells as they shift from fringe culture to central in their infiltration/engineering of dominant culture. 

Tofighi has shown work and/or performed at REDCAT, Blum & Poe, The Box, LACE, The Roxy, The Horse Dublin, The Bob Baker Marionette Theater, the wulf., Los Angeles Contemporary Archive, The Troubadour, MOTOR, The Hotel Congress, and many other sites/spaces throughout the world and internet.